S&A has unique experience in criminal and misdemeanor cases where it has represented public and private sector officials and executives as well as commercial companies in several specific criminal cases. Working as a team, finding immediate and appropriate solutions and developing accurate strategies, enabled the team to gain confidence and trust of the clients, investigators and courts. Clients turn to S&A team because of their quick and effective presence before the competent authorities by experienced practicing lawyers. The case is managed from the investigation stage to the trial by a senior partner or specialized lawyer, an advantage that ensures that the client is represented by the same lawyer he has chosen to defend him at all stages of the litigation.

Our Services Include:

  • Preparing the accused for the investigation
  • Representing the accused in Public Prosecution, expert panels and the criminal courts
  • Assisting in taking urgent/precautionary actions
  • Assessing and analysing the suspected criminal incident
  • Participate in internal investigations of past or ongoing crimes
  • Reporting to the authority such as ROP and the Public Prosecution on behalf of the victims
  • Representing the victims in the courts

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